Volunteer Accounting

What Members & Directors Did in 2012-13

Why track volunteer hours

Members who assist the Conservancy in projects & at events keep track of hours freely given not for bragging rights or brownie points but so that granting agencies can understand that we employ our "human capital" to accomplish our goals and objectives. Anticipated "in-kind" contributions are projected and valued in our grant applications and such figures are an important part of our cost-shared contributions.


Directors and members help in all kinds of ways with the planning and execution of our Talks & Walks program, & our Workshop series. Activities run the gamut from bookings, posters, set up, hospitality, and sometimes contributing to the presentation. Annual May Day celebrations and other fundraising activities involve many people in the run-up to the action and on the day itself.


The compiling of periodic Newsletters and monthly information summaries for the Mayneliner are undertaken by an enthusiastic group of writers, editors and creative people, some with professional experience in the field. Volunteers staff the Mary Jeffery Resource Room two days a week and the Farmers Market every other Saturday between Spring & Fall. The "Tread Lightly" series of booklets given to new residents and available to visitors are written and illustrated by our volunteers as is our presence on the web and in social media.


Members, both residents and visitors, involve themselves in activities ranging from native plant propagation, to the removal of invasive species and ecological restoration. On the shore teams, sometimes including students, have taken part in intertidal eelgrass mapping and the search for sand lance eggs. This field work is also supervised and executed by MICS staff or board members.


Day to day accounting including payments for services and supplies as well as payroll calculations are at present a volunteer function, as are all matters related to banking. Support for staff writing grant applications and agency reporting has been provided by members of the board, and from the second quarter of 2013 the full executive director position will be a volunteers function. Directors have provided IT and software expertise for the acquisition and setup of netwoking & computing equipment. Our annual review report has been conducted on a pro- bono basis since the very beginning of the Society

Pie Charts Tell the Story - Value of Volunteers in 2012-13

Valuations range from the CRA approved $10 per hour for meetings, $14 to $22 for project labour, $25 for creative endeavours, while professional and management hours are costed at $40. Click each chart to view it full screen:

Chart of In-kind hours from non-directors
In-kind hours donated by members & guests
Chart of In-kind hours from MICS directors
In-kind hours donated by Conservancy directors
Chart of Contributed Value
Contributed value from MICS directors & others