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Thanks to Supporting Agencies & Individuals

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society would like to thank the agencies that have played a part in advancing our Shoreline Care project, helping with the definition of the Active Pass Important Bird Area and ongoing monitoring, as well as the conduct of our Commiunity Stewardship Program:
  • Mayne Island Parks & Recreation Commission   

  • Capital Regional District   

  • Vancity ENVIRO Fund   

  • Vancity Community Fund   

  • Trees for Tomorrow   

  • TD Friends of the Environment   

  • Victoria Foundation   

  • Government of Canada's EcoAction Program   

  • Government of British Columbia   

  • Islands Trust - Local Trust Committee
  • Public Conservation Assistance Fund
  • Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • Baillie Birdathon-Bird Studies Canada
  • Seagrass Conservation Working Group
  • Green Angels Woodchoppers - Mayne Island

We are also delighted to have the cooperation of these organisations as our "Project Partners"

  • BC Nature
  • Mayne Island Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Galiano Conservancy Association
  • Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Mayne School
  • Islands Trust Fund
  • Habitat Acquisition Trust
  • SeaChange Marine Conservation Society
  • Seagrass Conservation Working Group
  • Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team
  • Jennifer Heron (Ministry of Environment)
  • Cynthia Durance (Precision Identification Ltd.)
  • Pam Thuringer (Archipelago Research)
  • Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club
  • Community Mapping Network
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
  • BC Parks
  • Gulf Islands Centre for Ecological Learning

We also offer particular thanks to our individual donors and members who do so much to propel the organization with their enthusiasm and generosity. If you would like to join the Mayne Island Conservancy Society - dues $5.00 per year - or assist in any other way, an on-line form can be found on our How You Can Help page.

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