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Shoreline Care

  • Lower Trail Edith Point Monitoring & Protecting the Near Shore
    Project elements include mapping, & year to year monitoring of eelgrass & kelp, promotion of softshore techniques at the shoreland interface and the "Anchor Out for Eelgrass" program.
  • Apneists in the water Free Divers Check Eelgrass
    Every summer we welcome the Apneist Club of Vancouver who with help of volunteer kayakers monitor the extent and health of eelgrass beds already mapped in 1 or 2 of Mayne Island's bays.
  • Floating bull kelp Kelp Mapping
    Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) is an annual marine seaweed that is common throughout the Gulf Islands. Its range extends from Alaska to California, and it provides important habitat for many kinds of marine life.
  • Pacific Sandlance Forage Fish Survey
    Forage Fish are the cornerstone of the nearshore marine food web, providing food for numerous marine species. As the extent and location of spawning beaches in B.C. are largely unknown, surveys have identified local examples and assisting in their protection from detrimental impacts
  • Bennett Bay looking towards Curlew and Samuel Islands Community & the Seashore
    Land stewardship also entails care for tidal beaches, which should not be thought of as a boundary but as an interface. Common human activities have the potential to disrupt the marine ecology.
  • Load from Horton Bay Beach Cleanup
    In 2014 Volunteers removed 1700 lbs of rubbish and recyclables from Mayne Island bays and coves.
  • IBA Signage Important Bird Area
    MICS is joint caretaker of the Active Pass Important Bird Area (IBA), an international designation for areas that support internationally and nationally significant populations or species of birds at some part of their life cycle.
  • Clip from the Shoreline Atlas cover photo Shoreline Stewardship
    The Mayne Island Conservancy's work on shoreline ecology culminated in the publishing of the Mayne Island Shoreline Atlas Report, which synthesizes much of the knowledge gained from all the elements of our Shoreline Care Project.

Project Description The Shoreline Care Program began in 2009 to raise awareness about the marine life that surrounds Mayne Island. This program has a strong emphasis on marine habitat monitoring and engages the community through volunteerism in all aspects of the program. We started off the program with eelgrass monitoring, forage fish spawning habitat surveys and monitoring of marine birds as co-caretakers of the Active Pass Important Bird Area. Our work over the past 4 years in mapping and the annual monitoring of kelp & eelgrass reached its culmination in the publication of a Shoreline Atlas for Mayne Island. This work is of key interest to shoreline (shoreland) property in that it promotes understanding of the physical and ecological significance of shorelines. Alternatives to harmful shoreline alterations were considered. Mayne School students participate in beach days and eelgrass monitoring. 2014 sees the beginning of Anchor out!

Program Components

To learn about the different aspects of this program you can visit the following pages: Or, read on .....

Anchor out For Eelgrass!

The Conservancy has launched "Anchor Out for Eelgrass!" This is an educational campaign aimed at encouraging boaters, residents and visitors alike, to anchor and moor outside of eelgrass meadows. The Conservancy has been mapping and monitoring eelgrass since 2009 and our baseline maps provide the basis for awareness about where the meadows are and how to protect them.

Our communication & education efforts began in 2014 and are continuing in 2015 with the positioning of information signage and the distribution of brochures. The signs are specific to each site as they show the location and extent of the eelgrass beds as disclosed by our mapping projects and confirmed with ongoing annual monitoring. These informative displays can be seen at:

  1. Miner's Bay Dock
  2. Village Bay boat launch
  3. Horton Bay Dock
  4. Curlew View boat launch
  5. Gallagher Bay beach access
  6. David Cove boat launch
  7. The dock at the Mayne Island Resort
Outreach materials developed for this campaign will be shared with community groups on other islands. We thank the TD Friends of the Environment and the Capital Regional district for their support of this component of our long term Shoreline Care project

Eelgrass Sign at David Cove
Sign at David Cove
Eelgrass Sign at Gallagher Bay
Sign at Gallagher Bay
EG & SL Display at a 2009 Farmers Market
Anchor Out Brochure - 1
EG & SL Display at a 2009 Farmers Market
Anchor Out Brochure - 2
Eelgrass Sign at Miners Bay

The information signs indicate the chart depth at which the seaward boundary of the eelgrass bed is to be found at each specific location. The video shows a minor example of how mooring buoys fitted with chains can scour the substrate in an eelgrass bed. At first you will see the rope and then the chain with a bare area around it. For this reason boaters need to avoid mooring or anchoring in eelgrass meadows. Being aware of the boundary depth is important, while conservation mooring buoys are available that have minimal impact on benthic habitats.

To download the Anchor Out brochure please right click here and save as...(or open & select save)

Funding Partners

Many thanks are due to the various funding partners and project collaborators for their valued assistance, inspiration, and encouragement!:
Vancity presents a cheque
VanCity presents their 2010 grant
  • Victoria Foundation
  • VanCity Savings Credit Union enviroFund
  • VanCity Savings Community Fund
  • Real Estate Foundation of Britsh Columbia
  • Mayne Island Parks and Recreation Commission
  • SeaChange Marine Conservation Society
  • Seagrass Conservation Working Group
  • Galiano Island Conservancy Society
  • Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Youth Eco Internship Program
  • Public Conservation Assistance Fund
  • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
  • Capital Regional District

More Pictures

Eelgrass & Sand Lance Map
Eelgrass & Sand Lance beaches
EG & Sl Display at the 2010 MICS Open House
Sand Lance Central - 2010 Open House
EG & SL Display at a 2009 Farmers Market
The Project Presence at a Farmers' Market
Taking Inventory along an Intertidal Transect
Taking Inventory along a Transect
Eelgrass display: map of Gallagher Bay
Eelgrass Beds in Gallagher Bay
You can find many more photographs and illustrations of the Shoreline Care Project in action by visiting our Gallery pages

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