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Photo of The Root Seller - MICS Offic on 2nd Floor The Conservancy's office is upstairs at the Root Seller
Photo credit: Toby Snelgrove

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The Conservancy's staff the moved in to their space on the second floor of the Root Seller in January 2012. This was a lengthy process of "centralising" various assets acquired over the years from several locations on the island. At last! A place to store tools, supplies and display materials as well as space for three or more staff to work.

In addition to office and storage the second floor of the old bed & breakfast location allows the Conservancy to make available a resource library to the community. The "Mary Jeffrey Room" houses an extensive collection of printed materials, artifacts and exhibits on conservation themes relevant to the Southern Gulf Islands. Visitors will also find lots of information on all the Conservancy's current projects & activities. We are generally open three days a week but the room is available any time staff are on site. Give us a call at (250) 539-5168 before dropping over just to be sure that we are there.

Open House 2014 Saturday April 19th - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Photo of Ann in the MJR The Conservancy joined the neighbours, Nomads Essentials, The Dragonfly Gallery and Toby Snelgrove in the Root Seller, and Gardenia across Fernhill, in celebrating Easter Saturday with joint Open Houses. We encouraged visitors and residents alike to drop in on the stores, Toby's new gallery, and upstairs at the Root Seller, 478 Village Bay Road. There they had a look round our office and spent some time browsing the shelves and exhibits (some on loan from the Royal BC Museum) in our "Mary Jeffery Resource Room."

There was some fun to be had at each location by way of solving riddles posed in order to get visitors to really look at the space they were in and each host appeared to have a different approach to this element of the day, but it does seem to have provided plenty of amusement as well as achieving its primary objective. Amber Harvey wrote in Facebook's Mayne Island Info:

Photo of Malcolm in the Office
"The five riddles were a lot of fun. Every venue was a unique experience. Gardenia was a snap if you like rhyming words. Dragonfly was challenging if you didn't have good observation skills, but Jen is so generous. Nomad Essentials was maddeningly difficult, but Billie and I turned the tables on Barb and turned it into a cooperative game. Upstairs at the Conservancy office, I was slyly making antlers with my hands at bemused Malcolm, before I realized that each question was unique and he had no idea what I was signaling. Toby's was simpler, but he hushed us as we each mumbled or whispered the magic word"

We had a steady stream of interested people and no doubt many, especially weekend visitors, went away with a greater appreciation for what the Mayne Island Conservancy is all about - and others expect to come back to look at our resource library without the press of the crowd!

Who was Mary Jeffery? Read on - we celebrated our opening in 2012 and the story below explains the dedication.

Open House 2012

On Saturday April 21st from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm MICS' office on the second floor of the Root Seller was open to the community. Many of our supporters came by and had healthy snack and talked to the Conservancy's staff and directors about our projects and programs and they had a good look around the Mary Jeffery Room's resource collection, so named in honour of the late Mary Jeffery

Mary was born in North Vancouver and spent her teaching career in the interior of BC, sometimes in remote communities, retiring to Mayne from Salmon Arm in 1970. Her property on Maple Drive, overlooking Active Pass, was filled with flowers and birds. Mary was a keen naturalist, photographer and international traveler. In her later years, she took part in many Elderhostel programs, traveling all over the world. When she returned to Mayne, she would always have a slide show of exotic landscapes, beautiful flora and interesting new birds to show to her friends.

Mary Jeffery died on March 12, 1997. She remains greatly missed by her friends and, most particularly, by Joan Drummond who is owner of the Conservancy's new home at the Root Seller. Marie Elliott, who was Mary's neighbour, wrote an obituary published in the MayneLiner of April of that year, which reads in part:

"By kind words and good deeds most of us hope to leave this world a better place than we found it. Mary has taken this ideal one step further by purchasing and donating 43 acres on Mayne [part of Mount Parke]...The land is densely forested and shelters many of the birds that she loved to identify on island walks."

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