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Membership Information

Please consider becoming a member of the Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS). A membership costs only $5.00 annually and helps support the continuation of education and hands-on programs MICS offers to foster harmony between nature and community on Mayne Island.

Advantages of a Mayne Island Conservancy Society membership

  1. You will be added to our emailing list, which will enable you to receive information regarding our events (workshops, movie nights etc.)
  2. You will receive our annual newsletter, which includes information on what programs and activities MICS staff and volunteers have been working on, along with informational articles
  3. You will be able to take part fully in the MICS annual general meeting during which you will be able to vote in elections for the Conservancy Board, and have a hand in adopting resolutions, making changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and approving the budget for the coming year’s operations
  4. You will help staff and volunteers of MICS continue to work towards making positive environmental changes through our projects, events, outreach and education activities

How to become a MICS Member or Renew your Membership

  1. Online using our Membership & Renewal Form. Currently Member Level should equal "Annual" and Membership Type should equal "Individual" - there are no other levels or types at this time!
  2. Mail us a cheque. You can join MICS by printing out our membership form in MS Word format, or as a PDF file, and mailing it with your cheque to: Mayne Island Conservancy Society, Box 31, Mayne BC, V0N 2J0
  3. Drop by our office (Root Seller Building at 478 Village Bay Rd) where you can take out a membership. Please call ahead (250-539-5168) to ensure that we are in the office
  4. Visit us at any Conservancy event or at our table every 2nd week at the Farmer’s Market (June – Oct). Our volunteers manning the table will be happy to help you with your membership. See our Market page for dates that we have a table or two at the market
Your name and e-mail address and any other information will be retained in strict confidence, for the exclusive use of the Mayne Island Conservancy Society, and not at any time shared with any other organization for any purpose whatsoever.

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