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A Frog on a Warm RockA Pacific Chorus Frog (Pseudacris regilla)
Photo credit:Miriam Isaac Renton

Project Overview

Opportunities abound to get involved in this community-wide project, whether it be participating in workshops, holding a walkabout on your property, helping with work parties at Henderson Community Park, helping in the native plants nursery, or putting stewardship practices to use on your own property. Watch for notices for these opportunities, and let us know if there is something about this program that interests you!

Workshops and Demonstrations

MICS is offering a series of workshops and demonstrations designed to help community members get to know their island better. From identification of native species, to planting techniques, invasive species removal, and integrating native ecology into your garden design, participant in these workshops will become more knowledgeable about this island and the many things that live here, as well as learning practices that will help to maintain and enhance the qualities that make this such an amazing place to live.

This important feature of the Conservation Action programme is the staging of workshops and demonstrations. Announcements and stories on recent events can be found in the Workshop section of the Talks & Walks page.


A key component of this program is to hold walkabouts on Mayne Island properties, beginning in spring 2012. At the owner's request, these walkabouts are a two-way exchange in which MICS staff and volunteers will tour private properties along with the owner, and share knowledge about the species and characteristics, as well as practices that will help to maintain and enhance the qualities that are valued.

Springtime walkabouts with MICS

Spring is almost upon us, and soon the time will be perfect for identifying our island’s many beautiful native plants. As this season approaches, the Mayne Island Conservancy is pleased to offer a walkabout service for Mayne Island landowners. This is an expansion of a program we have offered on a smaller scale over the past few years to landowners who have asked. Now following this initial success, we are offering walkabouts on a larger scale and would like you to consider this invitation to participate.

Walkabouts are a great way to get to know the ecology of your property. They also provide information on various stewardship practices you could implement that would sustain and enhance the qualities that are important to you and more broadly to maintaining our island’s ecosystems. During our visit we’ll walk the property with you and discuss the plants, animals, and ecosystems of your land, listen to your concerns and attempt to answer any questions. This is also a great opportunity for us to learn from you. We’ll leave you with a detailed map of your property, a small package of resources on land care, and an optional voluntary stewardship agreement, customized to the unique character of your property. By way of example, we can provide information on a variety of topics, including:

  • plants that are well-suited to your property and the local climate
  • gardening to attract birds, butterflies and other species
  • management of invasive species
  • re-vegetating disturbed areas
  • covenants and other land protection measures
“They (MICS volunteers) provided not only information but also brought with them an enthusiasm and respect for our property. It was a wonderful experience and one that we are grateful for.”
   – Toby Snelgrove and Jessica Easton, walkabout participants

To schedule a walkabout, or to find out more, please contact us by email at conservation@conservancyonmayne.com, or by phone at 250-539-5168. Better yet visit our office, upstairs at 478 Village Bay Road (the Root Seller building). We can be very flexible to your own schedule and timing for a visit.

Past Workshops & Demonstrations

Food Preservation Workshop, Sunday Aug 19th 2012 2:00 pm at the Community Centre

Food Preservation Workshop Poster On August 19th the Mayne Island Conservancy will be hosting a workshop on food preservation techniques. Food preservation is essential for making our locally produced seasonal foods available year round. Participants at the workshop will rotate though five demonstration stations focusing on methods for different preservation techniques. Topics covered will include: Principles of Dehydration, Herbs and Herb Drying, Pickling, Principles of Canning, and The Use of Root Cellars. Each station will be led by a different community volunteer and will take about 15 minutes. Be sure to bring a pencil and paper to take notes with. If you are interested in joining us for this workshop please preregister with Rob Underhill by sending him an email at stewardship@conservancyonmayne.com or giving him a call at 250-893-7110. Space is limited so please sign up soon! Cost is by donation (recommended donation $10-20 to cover venue and materials)

Native Plant Propagation Workshop, Saturday Feb 11th 2012 1:00-3:30 at the Ag Hall

Join the Mayne Island Conservancy Society for a Saturday afternoon of hands on learning. The workshop will begin with a short presentation by biologist Rob Underhill on the benefits of using native plants, Propagation Workshop Poster followed by participants working their way through a series of five hands-on workstations.You will learn propagation techniques for growing arbutus, blackcap raspberry, salmon berry, red flowering currant, twinflower, stonecrop, and moss. Each participant will leave with their own native plants. Come prepared to get your hands dirty!

There are many benefits to gardening with native plants including attracting butterflies, birds, and mason bees into your garden. By extending nature into your back yard you can create a living environment where plants and other organisms will interact. Native plants are already adapted to our seasonal challenges such as hard frosts and dry summers, and therefore do not require insulation or watering.

All materials will be provided by the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. We will be asking for small donations to help cover the cost of soil. Due to limited spots, pre-registration is required. Please RSVP to Rob Underhill at Email: stewardship@conservancyonmayne.com Phone: 1-250-893-7110.

A mini-report on this workshop and copies of the resource materials presented are available on our Native Plant Propagation page. When you click the link a new page will open - please scroll to the bottom.

Native Plants Walk & Medicine-Making Workshop

With Jenna Rudolph, co-founder of Eagle Awareness School, Vancouver BC
  • Sunday November 27th 2011
  • 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Meet at Hatake, 622 Gallagher Bay Rd.
  • Please bring a glass jar with you, and wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Pre-registration necessary. To register contact Chris Fretwell by phone at 250-539-5168 or by email at c_frets@hotmail.com
Native Plants Poster

From the forest to the apothecary - join us for an afternoon walk in the forest, followed by a medicine-making workshop. On the walk we will learn identification techniques for a variety of native plants, including some with medicinal properties. We will harvest some of these, using proper sustainable harvest guidelines, and learn to make medicinal tinctures using the plants harvested.

Jenna Rudolph is co-founder, director and lead instructor at Eagle Awareness School. Jenna has been sharing the magic of the natural world with young ones for the last five years. She coordinated a gardening program for three years in Victoria, and then sought to teach in wilder places - sharing her knowledge of edible and medicinal plants. Through an Environmental Studies degree from the University of Victoria, Jenna was able to study with renowned botanists and learned how integral plants are to people all around the world. She has apprenticed with various herbalists and botanists from British Columbia, and facilitates plant walks and medicine-making workshops. Basketry and wildcrafting are some of Jenna's major passions, and she is crazy about processing food to store it for the seasons in which wild food is less abundant. Jenna loves singing loudly while on her bicycle, and enjoys having picnics and dinner parties with loved ones. She is closely connected to Vancouver Island's Garry Oak ecosystems.

Jenna will make a return visit to Mayne on April 28, 2012 with a similar native plant walk at Hatake with the emphasis this time on plants you can eat. For more information go to The Edible Spring

Restoration Afternoons

Information about this aspect of Community Involvement has been moved to our Volunteer Opportunities page

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