Invasive Plant Species

MICS Most Wanted Invasive Species

  • Gorse
  • Knotweed
  • Giant Hogweed
If you see any of these plants on Mayne Island, please contact the Mayne Island Conservancy Society at 250-539-5168 or

Help us stop these plants from spreading on Mayne Island!

Photo of gorse with flower picture inset


Removed February 14, 2013

    • Evergreen shrub with sharp spines
    • Yellow, pea-like flower; black, hairy seedpods
    • Similar flower to broom; if plant has spines, itís gorse
    • Disperses up to 18,000 seeds per mature plant - reduces/eliminates access to areas & increases fire hazard due to volatile oils within the plant


Photos of knotweed showing leaves, stems & flowers


To date only identified at 3 locations on Mayne

    • Leaves have flat base and pointed tip; Japanese knotweed leaves form zigzag pattern
    • Hollow stems/canes with reddish-brown speckles
    • White/green flowers grow in clusters
    • Rhizomes break off and re-root, choking wet areas
    • Pushes through asphalt, building foundations, retaining walls and drains


Photo of hogweed with leaf picture inset

Giant Hogweed:

Removed summer 2012

    • Grows 1.5-5 metres high
    • Shiny/large leaves with serrated edges
    • Stems hairy with purple blotches
    • Produces flowers clusters in umbrella-like shape
    • DO NOT TOUCH this plant, sap on the stem and leaves can cause blistering and scarring of the skin


With information updated Mar 5, 2013