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Miriam and the Conservancy Display Tablet Miriam and the Conservancy Display Table in 2010
Photo credit: Toby Snelgrove

Mayne Island's Fall Fair

The Mayne Island Agircultural Society gets its Fall Fair in early, before the end of August. It features a produce competition, a harvest celebration, a parade and an opportunity for the many community organisations on Mayne to set up a display and promote their causes. In this regard the Conservancy is no exception as the accompanying illustration shows. Usually two distinct displays are featured. First the Society's table reviews the many projects and undertakings in which it is involved - this is the place to take out or renew memberships for the current year and boost the Conservancy's bank account by purchasing some the items that are on sale. Secondly you can visit the major display and chat with the staff involved in Eelgrass Mapping, Henderson Park Restoration, the Forage Fish Survey and the Active Pass Important Bird Area, and find out how you can support these activities by volunteering to assist, or by making targeted donations.

Fall Fair 2011

The Fall Fair was on Saturday August 20th and the Conservancy's project table had a special presentation on our newest activity, the Mayne Island Community Stewardship Program

  • Objectives
  • Timeline
  • How you can help
  • Funding partners

At the Sales, Donations & Membership Table Society President, Michael Dunn presented information about "Bugs on Mayne," commenting on books, pamphlets, and other visual aids that he brought to the fair. Visitors asked questions and shared entomological puzzlers and stories with our resident expert

Photo of Ann Johnston at the Membership Table Ann Johnson gets ready to greet members, take renewals and enrol visitors and residents new to the Conservancy

Photo credit: Bill Warning

Thanks also to

  • Michael Dunn
  • Deb Foote
  • Maggi Cheetham
  • Chris Fretwell
who set up & looked after the displays all day

Volunteers and staff at the ready - Michael with his Bug Stuff, Chris with the Community Stewardship presentarion and Deb who looked after sales and enquiries

Photo credit: Bill Warning

Photo Conservancy staff & volunteers at the Conservancy's Fall Fair display

We are all thankful for the fine weather and the longest parade in recent memory that made the day enjoyable for everyone attending - congratulations to the Ag Society for a terrific event!

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