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  • The Root Seller 478 Village Bay Rd 478 Village Bay Road
    Upstairs at the Root Seller: the Conservancy office and supply storage. The Mary Jeffery Resource Room is open to the community.
  • Canada Helps Logo Donate through Canada Helps
    Just one of the ways of making a one-time or recurring donation in support of our projects.
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    Your PayPal $ can support the Conservancy or you use their secure credit card facilities to make a donation to our account.
  • The restoration team ready to bash some broom on Henderson Hill Community Park Volunteer
    Get involved in our restoration, conservation, stewardship & monitoring projects on the land and on the shoreline.

What You Can Do Help the Planet, Help our Environment.... We don't need to preach to the choir and tell you how to do that, but we do need to ask you to help the Mayne Island Conservancy Society carry out its work on the Projects and Programmes described on this site, especially in these times of diminished government monetary support for many of our shared environmental concerns. Your donations are welcomed, your membership and interest is applauded and encouraged, and high-fives for volunteers!!

Why Make a Donation?

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS) is a non-profit society that depends on donations, grants and the hard work of volunteers and staff. While we apply for and receive grants from foundations and government sources, these are often directly related to the amount of support that we receive from our own region; the greater the support from the community, the greater the chances of MICS receiving grants. It's also worth noting that such grants are tied directly to project costs and usually exclude necessary administrative overheads.

Therefore your donations have a key role to play in our continuing mission to foster harmony between nature and community on Mayne Island.

How to Donate

We welcome Legacy gifts as well donations of property, securities and insurance policies. There are tax advantages for you the donor in gifting marketable securities when compared with gifts of cash of a like amount. You are welcome to contact Michael Dunn @ 250-539-5168 for more information on this matter as well as estate planning considerations.

Mailing Address

Send your donations to:
Mayne Island Conservancy Society
Box 31
Mayne, BC
V0N 2J0
We will provide a tax receipt for donations of $20 or more - our Revenue Canada registration number is 871317202RR0001. You could advise us of your gift, buy, or renew your membership, join our roster of volunteers and add your name to our mailing list by printing out & filling out this MS Word form or this PDF document.

Canada Helps

Canada Helps is a Canadian registered charity that will accept your donation and channel it to the cause of your choice. The Mayne Island Conservancy Society is an account holder at Canada Helps. They offer secure credit card processing and any gift you care to make will be forwarded directly to our bank account after a deduction of a small commission which we are pleased to pay as we do not have to bear the cost or complications of setting up our secure payment site and we do not have to issue receipts. Your tax deductible receipt will come directly from Canada Helps, after all, you have made a donation to them - it's just that they send 96.5% to us. Click the button below to make your tax deductible contribution to MICS Projects or Programmes:

Donate Now Through!

If you want to know more about giving through Canada Helps please visit their donor's info page


You may have a PayPal account with unspent funds on deposit - many people do these days! Perhaps you would consider donating your balance to further the work of the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. Actually you do not need to have an account at PayPal to use their secure server facilities to charge a donation in any amount to your credit card. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from PayPal and our Credit Union account will credited within 24 hours. Though PayPal collects a small service fee, we will write a tax deductible receipt for the full amount of your donation. Just click on the "Donate" button below and you will be linked to a page dedicated to raising funds for MICS!

Endowment Fund

The Mayne Island Conservancy Endowment Fund is managed by the Victoria Foundation. This registered charity accepts donations and bequests that donors can direct to support a specific charity – like MICS – with a permanent, secure, income-generating endowment.

Effective conservation work requires long-term planning and commitment. The restoration work MICS has undertaken over the past decade will continue for years. Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of restored lands, counselling local landowners on stewardship of their properties, spreading knowledge and building environmental consciousness in our community and among future generations in our local school – these vital activities have no end. In time, as our endowment grows, it will play a key role in ensuring that our work continues in the decades to come.

The Victoria Foundation, started in 1936, is the second oldest of Canada’s 191 community foundations. It manages endowments for well over 100 charities, mainly in our region but also throughout BC and Canada. As well as providing donors the confidence that their gifts will be managed responsibly in perpetuity, the Foundation can be an important tool in your own tax and estate planning. Check them out online to see the wide range of their beneficial activities in our region. We are proud to be their partner.

To contribute to our fund please visit the Victoria Foundation's Canada Helps page and select "Mayne Island Conservancy Endowment Fund" from the drop down menu of organizations.

Subscribe to the Mailing List

MICS entrusts the custody of its mailing list and other data services to, with its Verisign certificated access, encrypted communications and fire-wall protected databases it offers our members the greatest possible guarantee of the privacy of their personal information. eTapestry is a company offering technological and web-based solutions to the non-profit sector. Maggi Cheetham is the manager of the list and submits new "subscribers" to eTapestry as well as looking after changes and deletions. To receive regular e-mailings about Mayne Island Conservancy's events you can send an e-mail to Maggi at All we ask is that you become a member! The Membership information page lists the various methods you use to pay your annual dues and subscribe to the mailing list.


The Conservancy's project pages carry, from time to time, reports and pictures on current volunteer activities. A complete recap of all opportunities that are open at any given time can be found on our Volunteer page. You will find contact phone #'s or email addresses so that you can call and count yourself in. Alternatively the MS Word form mentioned in the paragraph "Become a Member" carries a second page on which 11 different "opportunities" are listed - you are invited express your interest in any one, or several, of the listed tasks and responsibilities for which we would be very grateful to have your assistance.

Community Spirit

Just say "52" at the Miners Bay Tru Value grocery check out when paying for your supplies. For every purchase over $5 Tru Value sets aside a small amount in an account for community organisations. In the past 2 years this almost invisible means of fund-raising has produced over $1600 to assist with Conservancy programs & projects.

So, thank you to Tru Value for instituting the Community Spirit scheme, and thank you to all their customers who choose "52".

Your name and e-mail address and any other information will be retained in strict confidence, for the exclusive use of the Mayne Island Conservancy Society, and not at any time shared with any other organization for any purpose whatsoever.
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