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This page collects conservation news from B.C. with special emphasis on the Southern Gulf Islands. With the benefit of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) you can be advised of new entries on this page. We will also announce notable updates to our other pages here. Click the orange RSS icon (above right) to receive notifications through your e-mail client, browser or stand alone feed reader. News items from 2010-2013 are archived here


A Conservancy Hosted Exploration of Mayne Island

The Conservancy's Executive Director, Michael Dunn, met with members of the Pender Island Field Naturalists, to providing some local information for their Mayne Island trip on June 2, 2014. After the club's own exploration of the Japanese Gardens, Michael met the group at the start of Henderson Park's Vulture Ridge interpretative trail. The group used the self guiding trail (part of it in reverse order due to missing a trail intersection!) and reached the viewpoint. They were most impressed with this perspective of their home island across Navy Channel.

After our descent, the group lunched at Georgina Point Heritage Park followed by some more serious birding and brief presentation on the Active Pass Important Bird Area as well as the upcoming Active Pass Nature and Arts Festival. From here the group headed to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve at Bennett Bay and enjoyed a shaded walk out to Campbell Point. The Conservancy's restoration program in concert with Parks Canada was described along the way. The tide at this time of day was low enough to provide great exposure of the reef structure between Mayne and Georgeson Islands. We were rewarded with the discovery of large terrestrial garter snakes foraging in the intertidal plus lots of seastars hiding in the shady crevasses. Disturbingly, we saw much evidence of the newly discovered starfish wasting disease here with an estimated 15% of those visible with signs of the wasting. Our Andy Lamb presentation on June 6 will be very timely in this regard. The group capped their day with refreshments at the Bennett Bay Bistro and were able to comfortably watch the Purple Martins and a foraging Osprey over Bennett Bay.


Vancouver Free Divers Will Check Out Miners Bay in June

The Apneists are coming! The Apneists are coming! - Our Shoreline Care project will again benefit from the monitoring activities of The Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club on the weekend of June 7th & 8th. Call for volunteers [shore-side & ON(!) the water] here.

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