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Thumbnail images from MICS Events and Projects will be posted here as they become available. From time to time the relevant event or project "Main" page will have links pointing to the appropriate section of this "Gallery" - or come here and scroll through all the pictures. Click on any thumbnail and you will see a larger version of the image. A "tool tip" showing more info and giving Photo Credits will appear if you float the mouse over the these thumbnails.

Volunteer Lunch & MICS Open House

Broom Bash
Tom & Michael Welcome!
Broom Bash
Sand Lance Central
Broom Bash
Lunch Table's Ready
Apneist takes a dive
Apneist On Screen - Diving
Maggi & the May Day display
Maggi & May Day Display
Maggi warms up
Maggi Warms to Her Subject
Maggi makes her pitch
Maggi Makes Her Pitch
Volunteers enjoy lunch
Volunteers Do Lunch
Evaluation time
Volunteers Evaluate Projects
Kids' Corner
Young Artist At Work

Community Broom Bash 2009

Broom Bash
Lighting the Broom Man
Broom Bash
Peter A. Trying Again
Broom Bash
A Bit of Smoke - Gotta be Fire
Broom Bash
Broom Man Catches
Broom Bash
Broom Man Blazes Away
Broom Bash
Almost All Burned Up
Broom Bash
The Task Ahead - A Lot to Cut
Broom Bash
Go Broom Action Team Go!
Broom Bash
Community Gets Stuck-in!
Broom Bash
Stacking the First Load
Broom Bash
Hardware Store's Truck
Broom Bash
Broom - Going...Going...!
Broom Bash
So Much to Discuss?
Broom Bash
Not as Sharp as They Were
Broom Bash
Cutters' Gallery One
Broom Bash
Cutters' Gallery Two
Broom Bash
Last but One Load, then Gone!
Broom Bash
Compacting the Load
Broom Bash
Addressing the Broom
Broom Bash
Good Job Well Done
Broom Bash
There Goes the Broom

May Day Celebrations 2010

Maggi & friends make pop bottle streamers
Banner & Streamer Making
The Conservancy's table almost ready for May Day
MICS Gearing up For May Day
The Shoreline Project Table
Leanna's Shoreline Info Mart
The new portable eelgrass display
The Shoreline Portable Display
Facepainting Early Bird
Tom Hobley Gets a Star on Thar
May Day Table
Get yer Garlands 'ere!
Maggi tells Miriam & Chris all about ticket selling
Raffle Sellers Get Their Orders
Microscope available at the Shoreline table
Peek Through the Microscope
Farmers Market Holiday Crowd
May Day's Pretty Popular!
May Day Banner
Banner in the Bandshell
Fuzzy Drum Seller takes a meal break wih music
Banquo Folk Ensemble Plays
provided by the Banquo Folk Ensemble
Great Music to May Day by
The Quicksbottom Morris Dancers
Banquo + 4 for the Morris Men
Morris Dancers get Wound up
More from Quicksbottom
Morris Dancers Hit the Stcks
QB Indulge in some High Sticking
Leaping Morris
Quicksbottom Catches Air
Mayne Island Country Dancers on the Field
The Mayne Island Country Dancers
Brian & Patricia Twirl
An MICD Pas de Deux
Brian & Ken's Country Style
Swinging Shepherds Blues
M.I. Country Dancers Applauded at the End of Their Set
Applause for the Dancers
Next Act Waits in the Wings
Island Thyme Next Up!
Island Thyme Morris Dancers
Two Going & Two Coming Back
Island Thyme is Now!
I.T. Ladies Do a Knees-up
Island Thyme Dancers and their Floral Arches
Underneath the Arches
Pole Bearers Take an Oath
They'll Put it Up & Keep it There
Kids Parade with their Banner
Kids-Made Banner Leads Off
Cisco joins the parade
Cisco in his May Day Finery
Drummers Drumming on Parade
Drum Along With Me!
Piper & Queen on parade
Banquo's Piper & the May Queen
Pole Bearers Obeying their Oaths
Pole & May to Miners Bay
Parade enters Miners Bay Park
Arrival of the Queen & Green
The shell labyrinth open to all
Kids et al. Dance the Labyrinth
and tells the kids about the scourge of broom!
The Green Man Salutes the Kids
The May Queen is crowned
Vivat Regina Maiaorum
Dancing to the Left
Dance the May Pole
Now Dancing to the Right
Swing the Streamers
May Day Cake with Farm Animals & Dinosaurs
Energy Food for Kids' Sports
More Dancing in the Park
And for Wild Dancing
KId's Games - Sack Race
May Day has Bouncers!
Maggi Cheetham - Organiser Extraordinaire
Maggi Sees that It Was All Good!


Memberships and a Smile
Helen Reporting with IBA Brochure
Alan Demos the MICS Web Site
Odin Scholtz, Guest Speaker
Audience Attentive & Curious

Raising the Green

Raising the Green pics
Small beginnings & daylight outside
Raising the Green pics
The Wearing o' the Emerald Green
Raising the Green pics
Mayne Island eats early (it seems!)
Raising the Green pics
The Lowdown on Dinner
Raising the Green pics
Auction Items not Top of Mind.. yet!
Raising the Green pics
Enter Compassion Gorilla!
Raising the Green pics
The Band is Ready & Willing
Raising the Green pics
Band is welcomed to the stage
Raising the Green pics
Dancers welcomed to the floor
Raising the Green pics
Walk softly & carry a big bell
Raising the Green pics
Compassion Gorilla grooves!
Raising the Green pics
The Band is Able Too
Raising the Green pics
Sound Man & Sound Advice
Raising the Green pics
Stage strangely gorilla-less
Raising the Green pics
Some of this went on all evening

Shoreline Care Project 2009 & 10

Eelgrass & Starfish
Starfish in bed - Resting?
Miners Bay Eelgrass Map
Miners Bay Eelgrass Map
Counting Shoots in the Square
Counts, Shoots and Squares
Two Can Too!
Eelgrass: Two can Count Too!
Divers Between Sorties
Stories Between Sorties

Henderson Park Restoration

Flags mark the plantings last falll
Watch These Spaces
New growth in the protected area
Native Plants Return to HH
More New Growth
More New Growth Inside the Fence
Garry Oak Seedling
Garry Oak Makes a Comeback
Arbutus high on Henderson Hill
Arbutus doing what Arbuti do

Earth Days 2010

Raised Bed in School Garden
Garden at Mayne School Open
Treats for garden opening
Commemorative Treats
Butterfly cut logs for a great bench
Mayne School Garden Bench
King Apple, 1 of 4 gift from MICS
A MICS Apple Tree at 7 Months
Representative "planting" of MICS apple - Fall 2008
MICS present token tree 2008
The Garden Gate
The Mayne School Sign Says It All
Helen introduces Michael
Introducing "Living on the Edge"
Michael wraps it up
Michael Wraps up his Tallk
Michael's audience ponder
Audience Thoughtful
A truck from Horton Bay waits to unload
Picked up around Horton Bay
Foam & tire buoys from Campbell Bay
It came from Campbell Bay!
Tallying weights of material collected
Ann Keeps Score - Bay by Bay
More Styrofoam & tire buoys
Sea Foam from Kadonaga
Orange Garbage Bags at the Ready
Everyone's Got an Orange Bag
Tools of the Trade
The Tools of the Trade

School Activities

Miriam outlines the tasks for the day
- Toby Snelgrove
Getting ready for the 1st hole
- Toby Snelgrove
Upper slope to get seedlings
- Toby Snelgrove
Chicken wire for browse cages
- Toby Snelgrove
Mounting the first cage
- Toby Snelgrove
Stakes for planting number two
- Toby Snelgrove
Zap-straps secure the cage
- Toby Snelgrove
Hole ready for number four
- Toby Snelgrove
Make it a bit bigger!
- Toby Snelgrove
Now just a bit deeper!
- Toby Snelgrove
Taking a baseline measurement
- Toby Snelgrove
Miriam wraps up the day
- Toby Snelgrove
Low tide & here's a critter!
- Sheila Boyer
It's a Potted Crablet
- Sheila Boyer
Boots and sea star a perfect match!
- Sheila Boyer
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