Community Bat Program

Community Bat Program

Bat Presentation Poster Image from the B.C. Community Bat Program
Photo credit: TBN

Since the Mayne Island Conservancy?s partnership with the B.C. Community Bat Program in 2016 the Conservancy has documented the diversity and abundance of bat species on Mayne Island through Annual Bat Counts. These surveys use citizen science to conduct bat exit counts at summer roost sites. These surveys provide important baseline data concerning bat population health and can be used to track year-to-year changes in population dynamics.

This year, the BC Community Program is particularly concerned with the assessment of ?White-Nose Syndrome? (WNS) in BC bat populations. In spring 2016 WNS was detected in Washington State 150km from the BC border and has not yet been detected in BC. However, ongoing monitoring, such as the Annual Bat Count, is critical to protect and preserve local populations. To get involved with this year?s Annual Bat Count, or if you have bats on your property and would like a site survey or bat box please contact the Conservancy at 250-539-5168 before June 1 2017.

Going Batty for Bats

Join us at the Agricultural Hall at 7:30 on Saturday June 3rd for an informative illustrated talk on our local bats and Habitat Acquisition Trust's Community Bat Program. We will provide a survey of our local bats, explore bat biology and outline stewardship measures. We wish to raise awareness regarding local bat populations and will discuss opportunities for the community to monitor (e.g., Annual Bat Counts) and host bat populations (e.g., install bat boxes).

Our presenters will be HAT's Executive Director Jill Robinson and biologist Christian Engelstoft.

Introducing Bats in 2016

The Conservancy began the work of involving Mayne Islanders in this citizen science program in 2016 with this poster:

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