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2013 Ecostar

Mayne Island Conservancy Society has earned the 2013 CRD Ecostar Award in the category of "Stewardship (Non Profit)" sponsored by 98.5 The Ocean. The citation appears below:

Through educational initiatives, the cultivation of native plant species and removal of invasive species, Mayne Island Conservancy Society has been promoting and undertaking conservation efforts to preserve the biodiversity on Mayne Island for over the past decade. In 2011, the Society launched a successful two-year stewardship program encouraging Mayne Island residents to sign voluntary land stewardship agreements and to participate in the walk-about program, which provides guided walks of resident properties to point out ecological features of their land. The Conservancy Society has a relatively large membership base, with 250 members from an 1100-resident population base. In addition to their education efforts, the group has planted over 1800 tree seedlings and have cultivated over 2700 plants from 32 different species for planting in the 2013-14 planting season.

For a review of the various elements of our Conservation Action Project - play the clip!

Islands Trust Award

photo of the MICS Group celebrating the award

The Mayne Island Conservancy is honoured to have earned the recognition of a 2013 Islands Trust Community Stewardship Award. The Trust nomination citation appears here. For information on MICS Shoreline Care, visit the project, while our recently completed Shoreline Atlas documents the Conservancy's survey work involving eelgrass & kelp beds, sandlance spawning beaches, forage fish habitat and shoreline modification, both natural and anthropogenic.

The award was presented at the Local Trust Committee meeting on July 31st at the Community Centre before an audience of MICS Members & well wishers as well as several award winners from previous years.

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2013 Mayne Island Conservancy Society

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