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About Us

Mt Parke Trail The wetland boardwalk on the lowland trail in Mt Parke Park
Photo credit: Toby Snelgrove Click here to view this image full-screen. To get an idea of where we are situated in the Southern Gulf Islands have a look at this 360° view from the top of Mount Parke shot by photographer Toby Snelgrove

Our Beginnings

In 2003 a group of interested islanders sought to identify priority areas on Mayne Island wherein conservation tools might, by invitation, be applied. They cultivated relationships with landholders in such areas, in order to build awareness of the existing ecological values and offer walkabouts and other conservation-oriented resources, while building the case over time for the application of conservation tools. The group offered general education and hands-on experiences for Mayne Island residents and visitors related to preserving the ecological integrity of the island for future generations.

These actions addressed the core intent of what has become the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. Therefore:


The Mayne Island Conservancy Society works to foster harmony between nature and community on Mayne Island B.C.


a) To educate and increase the public's understanding of the environmental. ecological and recreational values of Mayne Island eco-systems and Mount Parke by offering seminars, workshops and ecological tours to the public

b) To provide expert advice to government bodies on the eco-systems of Mayne Island

c) To organize and participate in projects designed to encourage community participation in conservation of properties by land purchase, covenant, lease, stewardship, contract or other instrument.

People who visit and live on Mayne Island know that it is a very special place. MICS will continue to develop best stewardship practices in collaboration with private landowners and other conservation groups associated with Mayne Island. The Society's mission is to ensure that the island's fragile eco-systems will be enhanced and its natural beauty will be protected for future generations.


The Mayne Island Conservancy Society is registered with the Ministry of the Attorney General under the Societies Act of British Columbia. The first registration was under the name of "Friends of Mount Parke" and the Society underwent a formal change of name in 2005 thus officially recognising its expanding mandate and interest in all aspects of preservation and conservation throughout Mayne Island. The Provincial registration number is S-46756

The Society is also recognised as a Charity for income tax purposes with the registration number 87131 7202

The Society issues income tax receipts for donations of $20 or more.


The Society's Constitution & Bylaws mandate a Board of Directors with an Executive Committee made up of the following officers:
  • President - Bill Warning
  • Vice President - Malcolm Inglis
  • Secretary - Ann Johnston
  • Treasurer - Alan Ryder
  • Past President - Helen O'Brian
Also on the Board for the current year are Maggi Cheetham, Deb Foote, Harold Kasinsky and Mike Nadeau. Irene Barrett was newly elected at the March 2013 AGM. Michael Dunn is a volunteer serving as Executive Director.

All Directors and Officers are elected for a term of two years with no limitation as to consecutive terms.

An Annual General Meeting is held each year in March; anyone may attend but only currently paid up members may vote in elections for the Board, adopt resolutions, make changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and approve the budget for the coming year's operations.


Membership is open to all, whether resident on Mayne Island or not. The membership year is the Calendar year, but membership fees of $5.00 paid after September 30th will be deemed to be applicable to the next membership year. An on-line membership application can be found on our How You Can Help page.

Organisations may join the Mayne Island Conservancy Society as members for the same fee as individuals, and such organisations have a vote at the Annual General Meeting. An organisation may nominate a representatrive who may cast a single vote on all matters before the meeting.

A full Site Map is posted on the Site Utilities page, together with information on how to contact the Mayne Island Conservancy Society
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